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Terms and Conditions

Title of Goods:
It is a condition of sale that all goods supplied by Brand Engineering Ltd will remain the property of Brand Engineering Ltd and the title of such goods shall not pass to the purchaser until they have been paid for in full. In the event the purchaser defaulting on the payment for any reason including bankruptcy or insolvency, the purchaser will authorize Brand Engineering Ltd to enter the purchasers property where the goods are stored and remove all goods supplied by Brand Engineering Ltd, up to the value of the debt.
The risk poses to the buyer at the time the goods leaves the premises.

The receipt of information from the Purchaser and the delivery by the Company of the goods specified in any order does not in any way imply a warranty that the goods will be suitable for purposes disclosed. The only warranty which the Company makes is in connection with proprietary goods supplied.
Warranty is conditional on the vehicle being properly Serviced according to the vehicle manufacturers Recommendations. Warranty may be denied in the event of either the Turbocharger or the engine being modified to increase Power output.
In the event of any goods proving defective during the period of the warranty due to faulty material or Workmanship the Company shall, at its option either supply replacement goods or repair such defective Goods free of charge.
Save as provided herein all representations, conditions, Warranties and terms, whether express or implied by Common law statute or otherwise, as to the quality, Condition or fitness for any purpose of the goods are excluded. Other product – supplied BY Brand Engineering Ltd from other manufacturers will carry the conditions of guarantee as specified by that manufacturer – available upon request.

Limit of Liability:
In no event shall the Company be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind howsoever caused arising from the contract of sale or the use of the goods nor for any diminution in value of components consequent upon or resulting from the use of the Company’s products. Without prejudice to any of the foregoing, the liability of the Company on any claim for loss or liability arising out of or connected with any order, or manufacturer, sale, delivery, resale or use of any goods covered by any such order (including, but not limited to, loss or liability arising from breach of contract) shall in no case exceed the unit price of such goods or parts thereof involved in the claim.
The limit of liability shall not apply to any claim for death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the Company

Turbochargers for Competition Use:
Turbochargers used for any form of racing are supplied in good faith and on the understanding that no guarantee is given in respect of performance or reliability of the product, either by the manufacturers or Brand Engineering Ltd. Brand Engineering Ltd cannot be held responsible for personal injury or damage caused to the engine or vehicle by a failed turbo.

Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellation or changes to any order by the Buyer after confirmation of order must be in writing and are subject to the buyer which he will accept to pay to be released from his contractual purchase obligations. Charges may vary depending on the nature of the cancellation but will not exceed 20% of the cancelled order value.

Payments with VISA / Master Card :
You can pay with your credit card (VISA / Mastercard). A purchase with the name << BRANDPERFORMANCE >> will appear in your bank statement.

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